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Under this act, people from former colonies and British Commonwealth countries could register as British citizens.

People born in Ireland before 1949 were, likewise, considered British subjects and after the 1948 Act could also register British nationality; however, anyone born in the Republic of Ireland after 1948, seeking British citizenship, would need to apply to naturalise.This section covers records of foreign nationals becoming British citizens through naturalisation between 19.However, records of British citizenship after 1949 and up to 1981 for people from British colonies and Commonwealth countries, are more likely to be registrations of British nationality – see section 6 for advice on these records.From June 1969 the index is the only source of detail for foreign nationals who naturalised in the UK as the Home Office did not keep a set of duplicate certificates during this period. Files may also contain later correspondence, mostly until the mid-1960s but some as late as 1996.The British Nationality Act 1948 created the new status of citizen of the United Kingdom and the colonies.

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