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Despite the fact that Mariam was not accepting such invitations for a long time, this one was that she couldn't refuse, as she has always enjoyed Dima's songs. If we had a task to write special song for Eurovision, we'd select different concept, will use different set of methods and tools to attract voters attention - both musical and lyrical. This year Dima Bilan finally got the right to represent his country at the Eurovision and again approached Mariam to perform with him. As it was in 2002, when we with Kim Breitburg were writing specially for the band Prime-Minister song "Nothern Girl", which was performed at Eurovision. Jass, Blues, Fusion - this is the music that depict sould of the singer. Eurovision is first of all big pan-European holiday. - I need to say first of all - we were not writing any song specially for "Eurovision".

Mariam thanks talented designer Evgeniy Tkach who has created stage image specially for Eurovision for her, and accesoires for it were presented by "Jazz-Boutique". In her early childhood she grew up in atmosphere of love to music. And I repeat again, this was not our task to prepare a song for Eurovision for Dima.

- May be we need to ask foreigners to help, repeat the experience of Alsou, who presented the song of known British authors, and we finished in 2nd place?

- No, I think Russia should be represented by Russian singers and artists. But it is difficult when we grow, we need to experience some failures, before we will get used to work on real European market, and not keep existing in the virtual field of local show-biz.

In 2004 Mariam gets unique suggestion from Russian producers to participate in a new project "We will rock you" the musical. authors of the song doesn't show the members of expert council in a good light.

Mariam was suggested one of the leading roles - Killer Queen. Instead of supporting the performer, whom they selected, they start panic and loosing spirit.

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