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I am hoping to reach those of you who are going through this so that you can take a step back and take off...

more The holidays should be one of the happiest times of the year, but oddly enough, two weeks before Christmas is peak season for couples to breakup.

Go crazy by promising ink for free, or communicate in advance that customers who shop for a certain amount get a complimentary tattoo of a certain size or value.

It might even give you some well-deserved publicity, at least on Instagram. are fun, date nights for established couples may be even more profitable.

I explain why in this episode..then I'll also let you know about my holiday promo! more If you have ever Googled the phrase Get My Ex Back … Tons of people search this phrase online every day in hopes of finding the formula to be able to reconcile with their boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or... It is the number one way to break trust in a relationship, and it can seem near impossible to repair after the fact. Please subscribe to this podcast on i Tunes so you don't miss any...

While you might think a neutral question about what the person has been up to that day is a good way to break the ice, and the best question to guarantee conversation is 'what do you think about traditional gender roles?As well as keeping them on their toes, it also increases your chance of getting a message back by 17 per cent.If you are stuck for a conversation starter, apparently the question guaranteed to attract the highest number of responses from matches is: 'what is your opinion of traditional gender roles?more In this episode, I'm going to talk about two of the most important things in a relationship: appreciation and effort.They're pretty much the glue that keep a relationship humming along in a positive direction. more In this episode, I am going to touch on a pretty dark topic – suicidal thoughts after a breakup.

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