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A legal analysis published in August 2014 by London law firm Reed Smith found that under the EU sanctions, “no funds or economic resources may be made available, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit” of Crimean ports, raising the question of how UK-registered Importica could have paid for the , the ITF and Russian-language media outlets both identified Nuraddin Asadov as the principle owner of Importica LP.

Russian and Ukrainian numbers listed for Importica have been disconnected and the company’s email address has been disabled.

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“[It] allows abuses and enshrines secrecy, protecting the abusers,” she said.

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2003-2016: Letting your ‘clean’ flag fly Until the flag of convenience scheme was scuttled, the body responsible for handling registrations was the International Ship Registry of Cambodia (ISROC), established in 2003 as the successor to the Cambodian Shipping Corporation (CSC), which was dissolved in 2002 as a result of international pressure.

In 2002, French commandos exchanged fire with the crew of a Cambodian-flagged vessel discovered to be laden with more than a tonne of cocaine, according to the was the seizure of 15 scud missiles from a Cambodian-flagged ship destined for Yemen.

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