Carbon dating and polution

It came as a shock to some of the passersby, even a student from Chinese capital Beijing, which is infamous for its polluted air, who was waiting at a bus stop near the south side of the bridge.After viewing the images, Xian Shi, 22, who is studying banking and finance in London, said: “I think it was more than what I expected.Richard, 33, a pipe fitter from South London, was born and raised in the city, but said the images showed more pollution than he had expected. You can’t taste it or smell it, so you just become immune to it,” he said.

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"In addition, in the Autumn Statement, we announced a further £290m to support electric vehicles, low emission buses and taxis, and alternative fuels.

A stream of cyclists moving up towards a cycle lane passed to the left of a near-stationary bus, well away from the exhaust on the other side.

But the camera showed the stream of fumes was being blown across the road before ballooning up into their faces. Buses and lorries produced by far the most fumes, but a few buses appeared to emit little more than some of the cars.

Air pollution can be defined as the emission of harmful substances to the atmosphere.

This broad definition therefore encapsulates a number of pollutants, including: ) and other greenhouse gases are not typically considered within this category and are treated separately on Our World In Data.

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