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I am available for public speaking, debates, comedy...anything really. 'Kane’s show is one of the most informative shows on a topic that perhaps doesn’t always loan itself to this type of frankness.

Even though I talk about sex all the time, I just did not expect it.

Life’s questions often tend to be asked in surprising moments, don’t they?

This puts grandparents and their 20-something grandkids together to chat about sex.


“Facebook is the perfect home for these shows and we’re excited to contribute to the Watch ecosystem.”A new Watch series, This Is How We Do It, will premiere in October.

She handles these subjects with a calm candor that seems to dissipate when asked whether or not the word “bitch” should be banned.

Given the fact that she has a song called “Bitch I’m Madonna” on her upcoming I think that’s bullshit.

Every wrinkle tells a dirt tale, I could write a book dear.

"They wouldn't publish it, it would be too mucky.

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