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David Haigh, former Managing Director of Leeds United, spent 22 months in prison in Dubai after being accused of falsifying invoices and unlawfully channelling funds to a secret bank account.

His lawyer, Toby Cadman, of Guernica 37 International Justice Chambers, said: 'Mr Haigh highlighted how he was detained on an entirely arbitrary basis, that the trial process that followed ignored all established fair trial procedures, and further, that during his detention, he was tortured on a number of occasions, mentally, physically and sexually, and forced to watch the torture of other inmates at the hands of the Dubai police.'Following numerous complaints by Britons and foreign nationals of torture and mistreatment the UAE has been criticised by the United Nations over its human rights records on detainees.

The legal system in Dubai is a shambles and if this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone'.

Mr Haigh claimed he was tortured in the same police stations as where Lee Bradley, a British holidaymaker, died in 2011 amid allegations he was beaten in custody.

Mr Harron asked his friend if he thought the man might be shouting at them.

Unsure, but not wanting problems, the British pair moved to another table, even further away.

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