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Their programming illuminates efforts by all religions to seek peace and healing among themselves and the world at large.

This is a one of a kind Institute in West Michigan and Interfaith Community offering programming to students and public alike.

At Interfaith Music and Kirtan is there to Explore the Sacred Ways of the World's Great Wisdom Traditions each Sunday with a presenter from a particular faith tradition that comes to share their deeply rooted practices with individuals of diverse faiths, to help each of us understand & deepen our own faiths; while finding common ground for Peace Mothers Trust Ashram, Lakeshore Interfaith Community in Ganges, is a remarkable and timely happending in present day American culture.

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Mothers Missions are faith based Education and Crisis.

Their programs are open and inclusive in many other ways with incisive considerations of music, art, history and societal engagement.

These high quality programs would give them important stature in any of the great cities of the world and deserve to be multiplied in as many locales as possible, especially in this time of history.

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