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It started out as a simple summer assignment; it ended up changing his life forever. Will Harry learn the truth as their friendship becomes more. UPDATED COMPLETED 2015"The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him."- Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince.

After using a lineage potion for a project, fifteen year old Harry Potter finds out he is not a Potter after all, and that his father is a self-proclaimed Sociopath who committed suicide nearly three years ago. )After Dumbledore's death, Snape takes Harry with him to use for his own mysterious purposes. Enter Mutou Yuugi, sent by the Gods to help Prince Atem sort things out-with some unexpected results! :)Harry receives a diary from Dumbledore but when he writes in it, he receives an unexpected response. AU, OOC pairing HP/SS SLASHAU: Fifth year: In Dumbledore's absence, Minerva Mc Gonagall and Severus Snape are made aware of some startling and distressing facts. Probably permanently.)What could be worse than a nightmare? What he finds changes any preconceived notions he might have had about the Boy-Who-Lived. After Loki's actions in Manhattan, he is escorted back to Asgard in chains with his pride stripped.

:)Favourite TV Programs - Supernatural, 2Broke girls, Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Life On Mars, Ashes To Ashes, NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) CSI, Primeval, Charmed, Dr. Favourite pairing - Severus/Harry & Harry/Edward & Harry/Jasper Favourite style of writing - Azkaban Innocent Harry, Severus is Harry's Bilogical Father, Severys Adopts Harry, Vampire storys containing Severus/Harry or Edward/Harry or Jasper/Harry.

Slytherin but I have been sorted into huffelpuff once (I am loyal to my family after all) As I say in one of my stories the house you're sorted into is only part of your personality we have all four houses in us : DSeverus Snape guess those questions sev asked at the beginning of class were first year ones : P I can see why he was angry with Harry but he didnt know his home life..stupid Gryffindor that he was didn't speak up!

For an amused 'Hamish' hiding his magic isn't even the hard part. Dumbledore ought to have known better than to leave an orphaned Harry Potter in the hands of the Dursleys.

A twist of fate has the boy-who-lived living with criminals.

What if Sherlock Holmes came across Harry Potter after the Dursleys had left him for dead? Starts at the beginning of Prisoner of Azkaban and Sherlock takes on a paternal role for our young wizard. What if Severus decides he's going to bring Harry his Hogwarts letter? Unfortunately, Sherlock Holmes is the only one that can see right away that this Harry Potter character is completely innocent. This is a chance to save the Wizarding World and lead it into better future, while finding the balance Magic has been craving for centuries. Slash Credence/Harry Snape is sent to check up on Harry and finds him being abused by his muggle relatives. But a 'Blessing' from Hogwarts and Magic he gets for his good deeds is not what he expected. All alone and with no means of getting home, Hermione has to fight to survive, while trying to find a way to stop the walking dead. Slash mentions of Abuse Petunia married a biochemist, and Harry grew up reading science and science fiction.

While they struggle to get through without killing each other, Harry will learn that the Dark Lord might not be what he thinks and perhaps the so called light isn't as Light as they claim. Trapped in a female body with every wizard around trying to court her, she flees to Muggle London for peace and quiet. (Begins Pre-TWD)Third (last) part of the complete HDH trilogy. Snape is Obliviated, Sirius is a Squib, Hermione is grieving, the war turns even crueller and Quietus is struggling to regain his lost happiness - again. Harry found magic at a much earlier age, armed with power over the Dursley's he repays them for their loving care and takes over the house hold. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit.

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He swears this child will grow up knowing he is loved and wanted. After an inexplicable case in Surrey, Sherlock is after the strangest criminal he's ever encountered: a mass murderer, that has eluded the authorities for almost 14 years. Harry Potter is born again in 1980 with sixty years worth of memories. And can the protection of Harry give Credence the confidence he needs. They threw him away, he would change everything, he would save everyone he loved and leave the rest of them to rot. Harry will take Hogwarts and his 'family' by storm and by the time the 'light' realize their mistake it will be too late for them to fix. Snape-Harry mentorfic Hermione, a renowned scientist and potions mistress, had been invited to the annual American Conference of Healer and Potioneer in Louisiana, before the world ended and the dead begun to walk. If Snape wants a sickeningly arrogant child to deal with that's what he's going to get.Name: Debs I have a Yahoo Group you can join, but due to FF's inability to show the links here, I'm going to have to just tell you the name and you can google it. You're welcome to join all my stories are there, old, new and abandoned.Age - 28Favourite Books - Twilight, Harry Potter, Three Of Dan Brown's Books, Angel's & Demons, Da Vinci Code and also The Lost Symbol.Sly, cunning, street-smart, sorted into Slytherin where his housemates have been raised to hate him, will Harry survive?Or maybe it's the House of Snakes that doesn't stand a chance. Severus discovers a family secret which will affect his relationship with Harry and cause much angst.

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