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im christian if we came from apes how come were not hairy and have a big mouth and did we end up looking like we do know and besides there isnt any serious proof of apes they showd a video saying an ape was wondering around in the forest that thing looked exactly like a costume that i had saw at a store know one ever cought an ape My concern for level of pain of rape would be greater if it weren’t for the fact that most American women deserve to raped because they oppose prostitution as a sexual outlet for men. I told the angel that i wanted to fight this demon and he said I could.

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And they choose what websites to read when based on what they think they can emotionally deal with at a particular time.

By the time a reader realizes that she is reading something that might trigger her, it is often too late. Women who are trying to recover from the trauma of sexual violence have a hard enough time dealing with the “rape culture” in live, providing them with a warning that they’re about to read something that might be triggering isn’t that difficult and it makes a huge difference. Poe’s Law points out that it is hard to tell parodies of fundamentalism (or, more generally, any crackpot theory) from the real thing, since they both seem equally insane.

Conversely, real fundamentalism can easily be mistaken for a parody of fundamentalism.

If it’s cut, then it seems to conflict with this idea that our wangs are made in the image of God’s wang, as circumcision is of course a surgery done after birth. We forced them to see that they needed our guiding hand.

It’s uncut, then Yaweh’s insistence on circumcision seems a bit hypocritical. And when they did see that they would flourish under our guidance, they accepted us as their rulers, and went straight back to not caring. CL, “How does somebody too pressed with time constraints to give a coherent defense of desirism manage to carve out enough time for such a stupid post?

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