Kurdish dating culture

The owners of shops with Kurdish names - HEVAL (comrade) or WELAT (homeland) - were threatened and ordered to change the signs within the hour.

One tailor who refused to comply was thrown into prison for two days and his sign was altered.

From 1968 to 1975, 10.7 billion lira were invested in East Anatolia and the Southeast, areas densely populated by Kurds.

This represents 2.4 percent of national investment compared to 31.1 percent in Marmara, 20.8 percent in the Agean region and 16.4 percent in the Mediterranean area.

Even the words "Kurd" and "Kurdistan" were outlawed, making any written or spoken acknowledgement of their existence illegal.

According to Association France-Kurdistan, between 19, 1.5 million Kurds, a third of the population, were deported and massacred.

In this century only about a dozen works have been produced in Kurdish.After independence was achieved, however, they ignored the bargain they had made.Months after the declaration of a Turkish republic, Ankara, under the pretext of creating an "indivisible nation," adopted an ideology aimed at eliminating, both physically and culturally, non-Turkish elements within the Republic.In 1923 the treaty of Lausanne created the modern states of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, but Kurdistan was ignored.During Turkey's war for independence, Turkish leaders, promised Kurds a Turkish-Kurdish federated state in return for their assistance in the war.

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