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If a believer is shopping at the mall or waiting at the airport and there is no way to get home or to a mosque, he is still obligated to perform the prayer within its due time instead of purposely leaving out or delaying the prayer.

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As a new convert, your record is clean; it's similar to a literal rebirth.There are other prayers which are rewardable but optional to perform.The optional prayers require the same preparation as the five required prayers.Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise his rank, was asked what the best deed was and he said it was performing the obligatory prayers at the beginning of their times (al-Bayhaqiyy): When we say prayers we are referring to an act of worshipping God which has a specific format as God revealed to Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise his rank.The prophets from Prophet Adam to Prophet Muhammad, may Allah raise their rank, ordered their followers to pray as per Gods orders.

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