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[PLEASE NOTE: Officer’s pickelhauben chin scales often are attached to the helmet by devices called rosettes.A special rosette boasting Kaiser Wilhelm II’s cypher was available as an option on this regiment’s helmet.This wappen-style was used not only on Grenadiers’ helmets but for the various Garde-Regiments.

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Its wappen features a very attractive Grenadier-style eagle whose outspread wings extend greatly from its body (in direct contrast to a Line-Infanterie-Regiment’s closed-wing eagle).[This bandeau was unique among other German helmets.Bandeaux typically were awarded as battle honors for major battles or campaigns in which a regiment had participated.The battle honors primarily dated from the Napoleonic Wars.Wilhelm II’s 1897 gesture allowed the regiments (including some from Hannover, Braunschweig, and Nassau) to regain some of their former states’ prestige.

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