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George was always a gracious host and would make dinner most nights.

Justin felt guilty about the not cooking as much, but was always bringing over beer or wine for dinner.

Justin noticed the house he bought was brand new, and was a modular house that was moved on to the property by the farmer who owned the farm he lived near.

Justin was happy to have both someone to talk with, and even help move boxes when needed.

Although it was the same job in a new location, the drudgery of coming home to a wife that ignored him seemed a distant memory now.

Justin was more than happy to accept George’s constant invitations for dinner as they both seemed like they could use the companionship.

The purchase was a risky gamble that could blow up in his face, although the broker reassured him of the value of the house.

It was a job that gave him weeks of vacation and benefits.It was a quick buy and now he was pulling into the road of his new life.With a job transfer secure, Justin was thankful for his company having offices in multiple states.It was away from the world and far away from the problems of the past.Justin was so excited with the pictures online, that he purchased it through a broker without ever having seen it.

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