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Like the others she had been sedated most of the time since then and had no idea how long she had been a captive.Now she was fully awake and struggled with the man to get free but he was far too strong for her.The man unlocked the cage door, grabbed the woman by her arms, and pulled her out.Linda was an attractive 25year old brunette with a good body and nice breast.They other three had been hand picked by Jack and they all had a somewhat shady past.They where perfect for the type of cargo Jason carried.

"Faster unless your clit is feeling left out of the fun." Jack taunted her. I'll do it just no more please." Linda was a bit frantic; she didn't want that awful thing on her clit.The man thanks her and she tellshim to keep his chin up before putting her buds back in and walking on. Devil's Island The yacht was making good speed across the water toward the island.The first time you don't obey, I'll put it on your nipple, the second time I'll increase the current on your other nipple and the third time it goes on your clit at full power. It won't kill you but it will feel like you have been stung by a swarm of bee's and you'll be dancing around for quite a bit. "Bastard." Linda screamed but made no effort to strip.It's up to if you want to do this the easy or hard way but you will obey sooner or later." Jack grinned showing his large white teeth, like a tiger waiting to strike. As soon as she had finished the last word, she felt two strong arms holding her tightly and Jack put the prod to her left nipple. The prod hit he right nipple before she could say anything else. The men laughed, they all loved this, of course the best part was saved for last.

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