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Well if you are on the Twin Flame journey, you probably know by now there is no real moving on or forgetting each other and this applies just as much for your twin.Trust me, if this person is your true Twin Flame they are just as stuck as you are.The Universe can have a weird sense of humor sometimes and will literally stop at nothing to keep pointing the twin pair back to each other.It does this not out of a sick joke, but because you signed up for this Divine mission baby!Your thoughts and actions align you to the reality you want to create, when YOU align them to the outcome you want to manifest.So let’s dive into the seven reasons to commit to your twin, whether he or she reciprocates this or not.We create our own realities by our thoughts and actions.But in order for this to work in your favor, you need to send the Universe very clear intentions and back them up with completely congruent actions.

In this article I will share some of the experiences that are very common among Twin Flames who are trying to move on, which are often hilarious.It may seem really weird to commit to someone and become exclusive with someone, who is not talking to you or maybe even seeing someone else.It’s not logical, but then again – what is logical on the Twin Flame journey?Committing and saving myself only for my twin, got me in India in his loving embrace in less than a years time.With him sneaking into my room to sleep in each others arms, even though all hell would have broken lose if we had been caught by the Indian family in whose house we were staying.

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