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He calls them his pretties.'When Riley-Prince was two, Charlie split with his dad, who she doesn't wish to name.

Then, in January 2015, she met her now-husband Nathan Hirons, 25, who works for a car rental company, online.

But with more confidence than most adults, Riley-Prince takes any nasty jibes on the chin.'Riley-Prince knows exactly who he is.

He's a very open little boy, and extremely mature and confident,' said his mum.'If people ever ask him about his earrings or dress, he just tells them that's what he likes.

It also records the site of an Anglo-Saxon church in Tombland, the site of the Saxon market place and the later Norman cathedral.

Norwich continued to be a major centre for trade, the River Wensum being a convenient export route to the River Yare and Great Yarmouth, which served as the port for Norwich.

From the Middle Ages until the Industrial Revolution, Norwich was the largest city in England after London, and one of the most important.

In May 2012, Norwich was designated England's first UNESCO City of Literature.

It is possible that three separate early Anglo-Saxon settlements, one on the north of the river and two either side on the south, joined together as they grew or that one Anglo-Saxon settlement, on the north of the river, emerged in the mid-7th century after the abandonment of the previous three.

The ancient city was a thriving centre for trade and commerce in East Anglia in 1004 when it was raided and burnt by Swein Forkbeard the Viking king of Denmark.

At the time of the Norman Conquest the city was one of the largest in England.

The Domesday Book states that it had approximately 25 churches and a population of between 5,000 and 10,000.

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