Updating whois

If you receive an authorization email at the new email address, your TLD requires us to get authorization from both email addresses.

If you no longer have access to the old email address, perform the following procedure.

When your ownership has been verified, an AWS customer support engineer will change contact information for you.

To change the owner of a domain when the registry requires a Change of Domain Ownership form When you change the email address for the registrant contact for a domain, the registries for some TLDs require us to get authorization from the registrant contact at the old email address and at the new email address.

To save any changes, scroll down to the bottom and click the "Save Contact Details" button.

When the contact type is any value except Person and you change Organization, you change the owner of the domain.

Note the following about changing the owner of a domain: If the Amazon Route 53 console displays the following message when you try to change contact information, the registry for your TLD requires that you fill out a Change of Domain Ownership form: "To change the registrant name or organization, open a case." Perform the following procedure to request the ownership change.

Your registrar is responsible for publishing the relevant domain information in a WHOIS database.

A WHOIS database is an online directory where the general public can look up domain names using the WHOIS search tool.

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