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It disbanded shortly after the release of this, their only hit single, and she went on to pursue a solo career, achieving incredible success as a songwriter.She has written for and with Pink, Gwen Stefani (with whom she co-wrote Stefani’s 2004 single What You Waiting For?“I think I never really believed we’d have to go through with this.” Then she sank to the floor of the breakfast room and, while I made us coffee, gathered my two dogs into her lap as if desperate for the solace of something terrestrial. “It’s my mum,” she said, laughing nervously, “calling to make sure I’m not going to die.”After some wan assurances in Swedish and a double espresso, we drove to the desert, suited up, boarded a plane whose blunt nose had been painted with shark’s teeth, and jumped.“I have no recollection of that free fall,” she says a couple of hours later, over a Thai lunch in Silver Lake, the Eastside neighborhood where a number of her old friends from Stockholm, writers and musicians mainly, are living on a sort of expat Scandinavian commune.“Apparently adrenaline makes every six seconds feel like a single second, so time collapses.” Alicia’s English, British-accented, is immaculate, her voice low and conspiratorial.R Kelly When R Kelly was having a difficult time of it in the early 1990s, he did what any self-respecting recording artist would do and wrote about it.Upon completion of the song, he sent a demo tape to Michael Jackson (as you do), who then asked Kelly if he would produce the song with him.

Jessie J Though she did initially write the song for herself with record producer Dr Luke and songwriter Claude Kelly, Party In The USA was deemed not edgy enough for Jessie J.

He wrote 2007’s Apologize, which was performed by One Republic, and became the most played song on American radio of all time.

That record was broken in May 2008 by Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love – a song Tedder co-wrote and produced.

If they don’t, Hilary Duff would no doubt be the first to tell both stars they are making a mistake.

Bruno Mars Having moved to LA to pursue a music career in the mid 2000s, the Hawaiian-born Mars (born Peter Gene Hernandez) founded songwriting and producing team The Smeezingtons in 2009.

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